What are the differences between TroPROTECT and TroPROTECT-X film?

  1. In contrast to the PROTECT-X version, the PROTECT is coated with a matt varnish (insert comparison images). The touch of the PROTECT film is harder and rougher than with the X version, but the coloring is more brilliant. The gloss is higher than with the PROTECT-X version.
  2. The mattness is created by microscopic roughening of the surface. With PROTECT this is done by a matting agent which has an amorphous surface (amorphous means uneven or covered with craters). The PROTECT-X is manufactured with a gloss varnish, which is micro folded in the surface during the manufacturing process.
  3. The varnish, the PROTECT foil is similar in construction to a primer, an extremely long shelf life and excellent overprint ability is the result. Even overprinting in digital printing (UV inkjet) is possible.
  4. The PROTECT-X series is ideal for gluing, hot foil stamping, spot UV (screen printing and flexo). Digital varnish (MGI, Scodix , Steinemann DMAX etc.)

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