What are the differences between TroTEMPTATION and TroTEMPTATION-X films?

The Temptation-X film has significant advantages over the Temptation film in the following applications:

  1. The Temptation-X has a clear advantage with 2-sided laminations. In contrast to Temptation, there is no blocking of the stacks, the machine runability is fully given (punching, embossing, spot varnishing etc.). There is no ghosting during spot varnishing, embossing etc. The X-version is also suitable for the production of a high quality film.
  2. The Temptation-X is the perfect alternative to all soft-touch films available on the market for print products which are displayed unpacked at the POS or which are subject to constant use. The print products show hardly any signs of use even after long use, all other films attract dust and are extremely sensitive to fingerprints.
  3. In general, the film adhesion is better than with other soft-touch films, with high ink coverage or critical substrates, or adhesive-bound products with close fold spacing, the Temptation-X is preferable.

Disadvantage of the Temptation-X:

  • The color perception is not quite as strong as with the Temptation. The black seems more gray. The soft effect appears somewhat smoother. Bondability and embossability is more difficult.

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