Why is finishing with TroFilms Temptation film better than varnishing with soft-touch varnish or laminating with a competing product?

  1. The base film has been supplied by the same supplier for years. After such a long time all "teething troubles" are eliminated and a constant and mature quality is guaranteed.
  2. The very sensitive coating is produced in Germany by one of the most renowned manufacturers of lacquers and special coatings (WEILBURGER Graphics). The quality of the coating medium is continuously monitored and guaranteed.
  3. The quality of the Temptation film is monitored in a continuous process in our laboratory and, if necessary, re-checked in the WEILBURGER Graphics laboratory.
  4. The surface is very soft, elegant and, in contrast to other products, has been optimized in terms of its smoothness, which ensures that further processing is as trouble-free as possible.
  5. The coloring of the printing inks underneath the film is rich and deep.  The screen dot shift is so extreme due to the highly elegant and deep matt coating that the print appears almost three-dimensional.
  6. The deep matt soft coating is optimally adjusted in the surface tension, this guarantees also with thick lacquer layers, which are applied for example in the screen printing on the foil an optimal and sharp expression without the edges run out.
  7. With deep black prints the Temptation foil does not appear as black as other soft foils. This is due to the hardener which is added to the coating medium. The 2 component system has been optimized by Weilburger Graphics to achieve the highest possible chemical and fingerprint resistance.
  8. All Temptation films (Wet and Thermo) have a good initial adhesion after the lamination process. In general, all softtouch films are problematic to laminate. The surface tension of the reverse side (adhesive side) of the film is always worse than with standard films or scratch-resistant films.

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