Why is the finishing with a TroFilms PROTECT-X matt film better than with a standard matt film?

  1. All subsequent work can be carried out faster, more efficiently and more safely. Roll traces from the feeder of screen printing or other machines, which make subsequent work steps, are almost impossible. Scratch marks from folding machines, perfect binders, gathering machines, punching machines, etc. are a thing of the past.
  2. Transport damage caused by abrasion of the surface is practically impossible.
  3. The durability of printed products is extremely extended. Books, packaging, displays, ring binders, binders, notebooks, etc. remain in optimum condition for a long period of time, even with hard and continuous use.
  4. In contrast to the standard BOPP matt film, the coloring of the print under the film is deeper, more brilliant and richer in contrast.
  5. The film is certainly more expensive than a standard matte film, but if the benefits and durability are calculated and the costs are also transferred to individual copies, the advantages of the film certainly outweigh the advantages. For the manufacturer of the lamination, the processing of special films also offers a direct monetary advantage. The turnover and also the percentage profit is higher than when working with standard films.

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