Official inauguration ceremony of TroFilms GmbH

New company building of TroFilms GmbH in Georgensgmünd, Middle Franconia, Germany


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Official inauguration ceremony of TroFilms GmbH


Georgensgmünd, 9 November 2018 – TroFilms GmbH, based in Georgensgmünd, Germany, moved into its new company building in the summer of 2017. Now, after a good year, the film specialist invited to its official inauguration ceremony. More than 50 invited customers, business partners and competitors accepted the personal invitation and congratulated Ralf Troyer, Managing Director of TroFilms GmbH and his team, on their successful move into the futuristic new company building.

After the obligatory champagne reception and an extensive welcoming ceremony, at which Ralf Troyer did not miss the opportunity to welcome all guests personally, a guided tour through the new halls followed. Ralf Troyer used this opportunity to introduce his guests to the new production and storage capacities of TroFilms GmbH, the new administration tract as well as the new laboratory, which all had been greatly expanded from the former location. Ralf Troyer concluded the company tour with an impressive live demonstration of the company's possibilities for quality assurance as well as research and development of new products using a 3D microscope and many other measuring and testing systems. During dinner, the successful entrepreneur did not miss the opportunity to introduce his international guests to each other and to point out that in the film industry you have to operate more like a family than as a fierce competitor if you want to be successful in the long term.  

Ralf Troyer on the successful event: "I have been working in this industry for more than thirty years now and have been able to establish several hundred international contacts over the years, from which a large number of friendships have emerged. My guests think I am insane to bring together international customers and sales partners as well as direct competitors of our company on such an important day for us. But that's exactly the way we are and that's the only way one can remain successful in this fast-moving industry for decades with a clear conscience, but also with heart and passion, and in an honest manner and dialogue at eye level".  

Nicole Schwörer, Authorized General Manager of TroFilms GmbH, added: "We are very happy to finally be able to hold our long-awaited inauguration celebration after moving to our new location more than a year after the actual move. From a purely organizational point of view, this day was a real challenge, as we had to continue production on all systems during the presentation and the joint tour with our guests because of the extremely good order situation that had lasted for months now. However, both our guests and our excellently trained staff had mastered everything in full understanding and in compliance with the highest security standards.“


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About TroFilms GmbH:

TroFilms GmbH, a medium sized company which is based in Georgensgmünd in Central Franconia, is established as a renowned and innovative manufacturer of laminating films for the graphic arts and laminating industry. The company currently sells its products in 28 countries and has a well-developed dealer and sales network worldwide. The successful development of the company earned several prestigious awards. Among other things, the Bavarian Founder's Award 2016 as the best "Start UP" company, which is awarded by the Sparkasse in Middle Franconia, and the Founder's Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2014, TroFilms GmbH was also nominated for the German Founder Award. TroFilms is not in any competition with its customers, as the company does not process any goods itself.

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New company building of TroFilms GmbH in Georgensgmünd, Middle Franconia, Germany



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