TroTEMPTATION®-X – Ground breaking new film quality from TroFilms GmbH


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TroTEMPTATION®-X – Ground breaking new film quality from TroFilms GmbH


Georgensgmünd, 12 March 2019 - TroFilms GmbH, based in Georgensgmünd in Germany, is launching a completely new film quality on the market under the product name TroTEMPTATION®-X with immediate effect. TroTEMPTATION®-X impresses with its appearance, special feel and the very high processing quality that is typical for TroFilms products.

Through a comprehensive research and development process, the company has succeeded in optimising the complex combination of the new production process and the coating materials used in it. This is done in such a way that an ultra-matt film quality with an extremely soft feel and a very high and uniform degree of mattness can be produced without the use of matting agents. Production tolerances can almost no longer be measured due to continuous process optimization. TroTEMPTATION®-X offers very high scratch and abrasion resistance, very good tear resistance, high resistance to sweat and fingerprints and - like almost all film qualities from TroFilms GmbH - can be overcoated with radically curing UV varnishes, hot-foil embossed and bonded (pre-tests are recommended for all further processing processes). In addition, the company has provided this film quality with a specially modified reverse side for better adhesion during the laminating process. It has optimised the coating in such a way that the ghosting images usual for such matt films in double-sided printed jobs are avoided.

The mattness of TroTEMPTATION®-X is 10.5 gloss points measured at 85 °. The gloss value is measured with a geometry of 85 °, since the surface is extremely matt. With a geometry of 60 °, the gloss value is under one and therefore outside the possible measuring range. The manufacturing tolerance is indicated with less than ± 3 gloss points.

Ralf Troyer, Managing Director of TroFilms GmbH, on the new TroTEMPTATION®-X film: "After we launched TroPROTECT®-X MATT on the market last year with great success, we were positively overwhelmed with enquiries and requests from our customers for further film grades and surface properties with such outstanding processing qualities. Since this process does not involve the addition of matting agents, but instead produces the mattness of the coating using a new production process that we have improved, the advantages of these films are obvious: an ultra-matt surface with very high scratch and abrasion resistance, excellent controllable surface properties and excellent processability." Ralf Troyer continues: "We are very proud to have succeeded in optimizing this new production process in such a way that we have been able to control even the smallest detail of the haptics of the film surfaces produced. TroTEMPTATION®-X is the result of many years of experience, continuous research, the permanent desire of our company and each individual employee to fulfil customer wishes through product innovation and perfect interaction with our suppliers, who have proven themselves over many years".

TroTEMPTATION®-X is offered in three versions: TroTEMPTATION®-X WET as a wet adhesive film, TroTEMPTATION®-X THERMO as a thermal film for regular printing applications and TroTEMPTATION®-X DIGITAL as a thermal film specially optimized for digital printing. It is now available in all three qualities worldwide via TroFilms GmbH and its sales partners. Exact specifications can be found in the corresponding data and sample sheets, which can be obtained from the company on request.



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About TroFilms GmbH:

The medium-sized TroFilms GmbH, which is based in Georgensgmünd in Germany, is established as a renowned and innovative manufacturer of laminating films for the graphic arts industry. The company currently sells its products in 28 countries and has a well-developed dealer and sales network worldwide. The successful development of the company earned it several prestigious awards. Among other things, the Founder's Award as the best "Start UP" company, which is awarded by the Sparkasse in Middle Franconia, and the Founder's Award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2014, TroFilms GmbH was also nominated for the German Founder Award. TroFilms does not compete with any of its customers, since it does not process any goods itself.

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The new TroTEMPTATION®-X in the three grades WET, THERMAL and DIGITAL.



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