The TroPURELINE® P THERMAL is a partially acrylic coated, finelinen structured (warp and woof deepened), biaxially oriented polypropylene foil; the backside is coated with EVA Hotmelt. The EVA needs some time for optimal curing. The time for curing depends on the used base material and should be tested before further processing. The thickness of the film is 35 µm (± 5 %); the foil can be used for materials of various kinds. The optimum processing temperature of the laminating roll is between 100 °C and 115 °C.


Properties of the film

  1. scratch-proof
  2. good tear resistance
  3. scentless
  4. better separability
  5. better planarity
  6. better readability, even of small writings
  7. no gluability and printability
  8. hot stamping applications must be tested



Each master roll is tested and logged for gloss, surface energy, bonding and coating homogeneity before,
during and after the coating process.
The reels have maximum winding and cutting quality. At the beginning of each production process (change of varnish or film batch), a few meters get laminated and will be reviewed by our quality department.

Slight differences in the color of ready-made rolls can occur throughout the production process, are normal and are only visible on the roll. They have no negative impact on the finished end product.


Size and packaging

The films are available in the widths from 160 mm to 1,270 mm. Each roll is wound on a 3“ (76.2 mm) core and has at least 2,000 running meters. For each splice we deliver 50 service meters extra. The coating is on the outside of the roll; EVA is on the inside.


THICKNESS 35 µm ± 5 %
WEIGHT ≈28.1 g/m2
YIELD ≈35.6 m2/kg
FREE SURFACE ENERGY min. 40.0 mN/m *
GLOSS 85° not measurable because of uneven structure

* Cannot be measured exactly due to uneven structure.