We offer TroTEMPTATION® as a wet and a thermal film as well as in a special quality optimized for digital printing. The coating of the two films is particularly characterised by extremely high transparency, which leads to very deep colouration without reducing the whiteness of the paper. There is no yellowing.

This film is special because of its surface's velvety feel, which gives the processed product a special, luxurious effect. The ultra-matte impression further supports its appearance. TroTemptation reduces scratch- and abrasion-sensitivity as compared to standard matte films. The improved sweat resistance also reduces sensitivity to fingerprints on the finished product. This leads to the most refined appearance with best protection.

The basic varnish has been developed specifically for these properties. Since there is no further treatment during or after coating, the longest possible use of the film is ensured.

The TroTEMPTATION® film is particularly characterised by being easy to process for the customer without any problems. The wet film can be laminated on with any adhesive system (solvent, solvent-free, water-based). In contrast to other soft films, it has excellent surface tension on the adhesive side. The tear and stretch properties are comparable to those of standard OPP-film. Stable grooving and folding are ensured.

Another benefit of the TroTEMPTATION® film is the easy processing in machines both when laminating and in the subsequent improvement or book-binding steps. Further processing is easy as well. The film can be painted over with all UV paints common on the market. A sufficient cell volume of the anilox roller must be observed. Hot film embossing and bonding are no problem, though preliminary tests are highly recommended.